Add a new pin

Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed instructions. is a social network where instead of following friends or celebrities, you follow one or more geographical regions.

Anybody can post a new "pin" anywhere on a world map. If the new pin belongs to an area that you follow, you will be notified.

A pin consists of a text description, a geographical location (latitude and longitude), and at least one image.

Pins are arranged in categories, so you can only follow the categories that currently interest you.

A pin, for example, could be about something pretty that someone believes it is worth viewing online, or visiting in person.

A pin could also be about a non-emergency issue for local authorities to handle, such as garbage that has not been picked up for days.

Pins could be submitted with or without an email address.

A new pin will not be automatically posted. It will first go through a basic approval process.

Pins should not contain human faces in them, or nudity.

When your pin is accepted or rejected, and you have entered a verified email, you will receive an email notification.

Your submission was successful and have been assigned the CaseID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Thank you!