Register a region to receive notifications via email

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Webium is a social network where instead of following friends or celebrities, you follow a geographical region, like your local community. Regions are not predefined in any way. A region is an arbitrary area that means something to you. You can follow as many regions as you want. If your regions overlap, you might receive multiple emails. When someone posts something in one of your regions, you will receive an email. You also have the option to refine your notifications, by selecting different categories.

Please navigate, on the map below, to your area of interest, then click on four different points on the map, in a clock-wise way, to define a rectangle. (The rectangle will appear when you click on the fourth point). You will be able to change the shape of the rectangle by dragging any of the dots on it. If you want to start from the beginning press the "Clear" button. If you want your selected area to be a rectangle with just vertical and horizontal lines (instead a multi-line rectangle), press the "Square" button.

Once you are satisfied with the selected area, you may want to select categories from the list above, so you are notified only of the pins that interest you. When satisfied with your selection, press the "Submit" button. You will receive a confirmation email. Please click on the link in that email to activate your selection. With every email you receive from us, you will also be given a link to edit or remove that region.

Your submission was successful and have been assigned the CaseID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Thank you!